Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vocational Expert Cross -- Slides from Vegas

Links to the cites from the Las Vegas presentation:

1. Selected Characteristics of Occupations
•  http://www.nosscr.org/sco/sco-ocr.pdf  

2. Excerpts from the Revised Handbook for Analyzing Jobs

•  http://www.skilltran.com/rhaj/  

3. POMS DI 25020.010 Mental Limitations

•  http://policy.ssa.gov/poms.nsf/lnx/0425020010

4. The Rulings

Social Security Ruling 96-9p
Social Security Ruling 85-15   
Social Security Ruling 83-10

•  http://ssa.gov/OP_Home/rulings/rulings.html

5. American Board of Vocational Experts

• http://www.abve.net/Assets/2014%20Conference/Handouts/08_Sunday_LefebvreYent_SSRTable-limitations.pdf

•  http://tinyurl.com/ABVE-SSR

6. Career Development, Employment, and Disability in Rehabilitation, ed. Strauser (Springer Publishing 2014)

 Available on Amazon.com.  Recommend Kindle download.  

7. Truthan, J.A. & Karman, S.E. (2003, in press). Transferable Skills Analysis and Vocational Information During a Time of Transition. Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis, June, 2003, 6 (1). 

•  http://www.skilltran.com/TSATransition.htm

See also

•  http://www.skilltran.com/online/TSAprocess.htm

8. All the OIDAP reports:

•  http://ssa.gov/oidap/panel_documents.htm 

9. Appendix D of the OIDAP report

•  http://ssa.gov/oidap/Documents/AppendixD.pdf 

10. An easier way to explore the  job numbers question cross-indexing SOC group with NAICS codes

•  http://data.bls.gov/oep/nioem/empiohm.jsp


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