Thursday, May 2, 2013

SSA Makes its Own Case for the Disability Program

Brenda Brown works for SSA.  In a regional piece, Ms. Brown makes the case that disability benefits honor all who serve.

Brown lays out the benefits that veterans can access at SSA.

1.  Survivor Benefits for those left behind after the death of a service member.
2.  Disability Benefits for those returning home with injuries.
3.  Disability during medical treatment.
4.  Retirement Benefits for those at retirement age or early retirement age.  SSA has a special page devoted to retiring military.

Social Security is ingrained in the fabric of American culture.  Retirees, survivors, and the disabled  count on the benefits to survive.  As a nation, we promised ourselves that we would not cast aside the widows, orphans, aged, or disabled to fend for themselves.  Rather, we choose to stretch out the safety net to catch them.  

Veterans and their families ... we owe them our liberty and providing for survivor, disability, and retirement benefits is the absolute minimum thank you that we owe.