Thursday, May 5, 2011

SSA announces top baby names

Boys:  1) Jacob Girls:  1) Isabella
 2) Ethan  2) Sophia
 3) Michael  3) Emma
 4) Jayden  4) Olivia
 5) William  5) Ava
 6) Alexander  6) Emily
 7) Noah  7) Abigail
 8) Daniel  8) Madison
 9) Aiden  9) Chloe
10) Anthony 10) Mia
The list of top 10 baby names is here.  Some of us are old enough to remember when Social Security was not the repository for every child's name within the year of birth.  I got my Social Security card and number when I got ready to drive and work as a teenager.  Now, babies get their Social Security card and number immediately.  SSA says that getting a SSN is voluntary and necessary only to access the financial system, get medical insurance coverage, or get government services.  Also necessary to deduct the child dependent from the parent's taxes.  But taking SSA's word on its face, I am unaware of anyone that would forgo medical coverage for their children voluntarily.  Nor are many anxious to forfeit a legitimate tax deduction.

At least we know what names are popular before our children go kindergarten to find others similarly labeled. 

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