Monday, October 17, 2016

Test Your Knowledge of How the Disability Insurance Benefit Program Works

Assume an individual born in 1954. 

This person has 33 quarters of coverage total in her lifetime. 
This person has 20 quarters of coverage in the period of 2003 to 2009. 
The other 13 QC occurred prior to 2003. 

Question 1:  What is the date last insured for disability purposes, if ever?
Question 2:  When this person turns 62 in 2016, can she collect a RIB?
Question 3:  If she is insured for DIB, define the period for assessing past relevant work?

Bonus questions:

Assume a the ALJ finds light residual functional capacity for work performed in 1994.  Is that a legally sustainable finding of fact?

Assume that an attorney obtains a remand from the USDC to reassess the RFC. 

I will post the answers this week.  If you want to play at anytime without looking at the answers, post them on the Law Offices of Lawrence D. Rohlfing facebook page.   

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