Friday, September 22, 2017

How to Access County Business Patterns

The Commissioner lists County Business Patterns second on the list for administrative notice.  The question is how to use CBP in the proof of the existence of work in the economy.

Google it -- Advanced Search - Search all data in American FactFinder

Select American FactFinder - Search.

Click on Industry Codes in the left column.

This gives you a dialogue box where you can select an industry by name or NAICS code.  We will discuss NAICS codes again, soon.

Let's look for the toy manufacturing industry.  In the box with non-black letters that read "Enter an industry, product, or commodity name or code" type in toys.  Click on GO.

Toys gives 106 results but our results are on the top of the box, Doll, toy, and game manufacturing.  Click on the box for the six-digit code, 339930.  Scroll to the bottom and click on ADD.  Now click on the CLOSE X button on the same row as the Select Industry Codes line.  We are now looking at the screen that has the first 25 of 46 different tables that address this industry.  Click on blue lettered Geography Area Series: County Business Patterns.

That gives us one line of data for the United States, NAICS code 339930, Doll, toy, and game manufacturing, 2015, 572 establishments, employing 6,394 people as of March 2015, earning $61,331,000 in the first quarter, and earning $266,596,000 for the year.

We only care about the middle data figure -- there are fewer than 7,000 people in the industry.  So please, do not lie to me and tell me that toy stuffer makes up half that number, equal to that number, or more than that number of jobs in the economy.  More like 1% of industry employment.  I put the over and under at 100 jobs total.  I take the under.

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