Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Obsolete Occupations

From time-to-time, vocational experts will assert the absurd.  I know, you already know that I believe that vocational experts say the absurd because the ALJ corps expects if not demands the absurd. 

OIDAP describes five occupations as obsolete.  From the report:

Limitations in Job Data – Step 5
Occupational and Medical-Vocational Claims Review Study

For claims denied at step 5, the adjudicator cites jobs that are
examples of the type of work a clamant can do. Our study
found a substantial number of cases where DDSs cited jobs
that might be obsolete. Examples of such jobs cited at step 5
in our study cases include:

•    Addresser (cited in 9.5% of step 5 denial cases)
•    Tube Operator (1.1%)
•    Cutter-and-Paster, Press Clippings (0.9%)
•     Host/Hostess, Head (0.8%)
•    Magnetic-Tape Winder (0.7%)

It is doubtful that these jobs, as described in the DOT, currently exist in
significant numbers in our economy.
If you have a vocational expert identify addresser; tube operator; cutter-and-paster of press clippings; host/hostess, head; or magnetic-tape winder, cross-examination must explore the existence of that work in the national economy and a post-hearing submission should include a copy of the OIDAP report. 


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  2. Do you have a link to the OIDAP report? I'm not sure what I'm looking for when I Google it and when I'm looking on the OIDAP website. Thanks!

  3. Click on the word report ...


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