Thursday, January 19, 2017

Production Workers, All Other -- List of DOT Industries and Number of Occupations

In this unending quest to eviscerate the identification of work inside of Production Workers, All Other as representing a significant number of jobs in any single DOT code, I present the list of the industries and the number of DOT codes associated with that industry designation. 

To recap, SOC code 51-9199 represents 1,526 different DOT codes after extracting 61 DOT codes to form SOC code 51-3099.  To determine the number of jobs in any DOT code, we need to cross-index the SOC code with the industry code in the Employment Projections.  Getting more specific with the industries listed in County Business Patterns provides more specificity.  But that doesn't not end the inquiry.  The estimate of the number of jobs represented by a single DOT code must look to the occupation and industry codes and then take into account the number of other DOT codes that share that intersection(s).  Here is the list to aid in that endeavor:

No. DOT Codes DOT Industry Designation
1 agricultural equipment
2 agriculture
1 air transportation
8 aircraft manufacture
1 amusement recreation
52 any industry
4 auto manufacturing
9 automotive service
96 boot & shoe
7 brick and tile
21 buttons and notions
1 building material
11 carpet and rug
48 chemical
47 clock and watch
3 communication equip.
12 concrete products
2 construction
8 cutlery-hardware
27 electrical equipment
18 electronic component
76 fabrication nec
8 foundry
2 fur goods
81 furniture
22 garment
15 glass manufacturing
15 glass products
1 glove and mitten
53 hat and cap
4 household appliances
12 instruments and apparatus
27 jewelry and silverware
14 knitting
5 laundry and related
16 leather manufacture
16 leather products
5 light fixtures
2 machine shop
1 machine tools
4 machinery mfg.
6 manufactured bldgs
2 meat products, other
2 medical services
15 metal products other
8 millwork-plywood
3 mine and quarry
3 motion picture
6 motor bicycles
1 museums
18 musical instruments
10 narrow fabrics
11 nonferrous metal
21 nonmetallic mineral
8 office machines
4 oils and grease
20 optical goods
50 ordnance
2 paint and varnish
14 paper and pulp
61 paper goods
16 pen and pencil
1 personal services
2 petroleum and gas
1 petroleum refining
4 pharmaceuticals
3 photo apparatus
4 photofinishing
13 plastic products
11 plastic synthetics
1 plumbing and heating
9 pottery and porcelain
16 printing/publishing
16 protective services
7 railroad equipment
2 recording
7 retail trade
50 rubber goods
9 rubber tire
5 service ind. Machine
16 ship and boat building
9 smelting and refining
2 soap and related
7 steel and related
11 stonework
3 structural metal
69 textiles
71 textiles, other
2 tinware
16 tobacco
55 toy-sport equipment
2 utilities
2 vehicles, other
11 wood products other
25 wooden container
25 woodworking

The next project requires correlation between the DOT industry designations and the NoemplAICS codes used by BLS in the Occupational Employment Statistics, including the employment projections, and by the Census Bureau in County Business Patterns. 

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