Friday, August 25, 2017

Cashiers and the Sit-Stand Option is Not Generally Available

Assume the claimant needs the opportunity to change positions every 10, 15, 30, 45 minutes, or just simply at will.  The vocational expert will likely identify the occupation of cashier II.  This occupation is a go-to for the lazy vocational expert.  With 3.4 million jobs in various cashiering occupations in the nation, a lot of them are unskilled and it is intuitive that cashiers can sit and stand at will, right?  Life is counter-intuitive.

The Occupational Requirements Survey is coming.  The ORS tells us about cashiers and the sit-stand at will option:

Occupational Requirements Survey

Series Title:Civilian workers; % of cashiers; sitting vs. standing/walking at will is not allowed
Series ID:ORUP1000066700000140
Seasonality:Not Seasonally Adjusted
Survey Name:Occupational Requirements Survey
Measure Data Type:Percentage
Industry:All workers
Class of Worker:All workers
Requirements:Physical Requirement
Type of cases:Sitting vs. standing/walking at will

Latest Observation:
Annual 2016


Annual 2016 - Annual 2016
Minimum Value: Annual 2016
Maximum Value: Annual 2016
Data Availability:
2016 - 2016

The ORS tells us that 93% of jobs within the cashier occupation do not allow the opportunity to sit and stand at will.  

More bad news for the cashier occupation from the ORS. The number of jobs that require more than ≤ one month of training is 81.3%.  The 10th percentile of jobs having days of prior work experience is 90 days.  The Occupational Outlook Handbook tells us that this occupational group typically has no education requirement and short-term training.  The ORS is coming.  

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