Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Cashier II and the Sit-Stand Option

A recent case drove me to ask the question whether cashiers exist with a sit-stand option.  The O*NET OnLine lists cashiers at 41-2011.00.  Cashier II is an obnoxious favorite of vocational experts for the sit-stand option.  

The BLS Data Finder 1.0 for the Occupation Requirements Survey is where we start.  I select occupational requirements under characteristics; I include characteristics occupation and the sub-category of sales and office occupations. I select sitting/standing/walking as my physical requirement detail.  That gives me a long list of reports.  But there it is:

Data extracted on: Aug 9, 2017 (9:26:49 AM)

Occupational Requirements Survey

Series Title:Civilian workers; % of cashiers; sitting vs. standing/walking at will is not allowed
Series ID:ORUP1000066700000140
Seasonality:Not Seasonally Adjusted
Survey Name:Occupational Requirements Survey
Measure Data Type:Percentage
Industry:All workers
Class of Worker:All workers
Requirements:Physical Requirement
Type of cases:Sitting vs. standing/walking at will
Latest Observation:Annual 201693.0 

Annual 2016 - Annual 2016Minimum Value: Annual 201693.0
Maximum Value: Annual 201693.0
Data Availability:2016 - 2016

The job can't be sedentary, we figured that one out.  Some of them might allow a sit-stand option -- but 93% of them do not.  

There are a lot of cashiers out there and the Occupational Outlook Handbook describes the lot of them as unskilled.  Of the 3.4 million cashier jobs, 7% is still 238,000 jobs is still significant.  But generally unskilled does not mean that all of them are unskilled, just most.  Turns out that 81.3% of cashiers have training time of one month or less.  I doubt that it would be valid to assume 7% of the light base has the SSO.  Nor would I assume that the 18.7% of skilled/semi-skilled jobs are scattered evenly among the ranges of exertion.  If the vocational expert said that there were in excess of 190,000 SSO jobs as an unskilled cashier, probably can't beat that with this data.  Give me a limitation to simple repetitive tasks, manipulative limitation, or a public contact limitation and we can still knock this occupation out.  

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