Friday, May 18, 2018

Updated Index of the Blogs

I have gotten to the point where I tell someone that I wrote about a certain subject, see my blog.  But it isn't necessarily easy to find.  So I created a very rough topical index to help, until I get more ambitious.  May 18, 2018.  Copyright Lawrence D. Rohlfing.

Index of the California Social Security Attorney Blog

I. Vocational Expert Cross-Examination

II. Numbers

III. Vocational Resources

IV. Vocational Factors

V. Occupational Groups

1.     Production Workers, All Other, SOC 51-9199

2.     Packing Jobs

3.     Cashiering

4.     Clerical and Clerks

5.     Sewing Machine Operators

6.     Inspectors

7.     Surveillance Systems Monitor

8.     Maids and Housekeeping Cleaners

9. Other Occupations

VI. Policy, Ethics, and Professionalism

VII. Agency Policy – The Regulations, Rulings, POMS, and HALLEX


IX. Contingency Fees

X. Agency Policy

XI. Court Decisions

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